Friday, 28 December 2012

Meeting @ Scape

Honored to be part of the meeting called by Director Jack to their new office located at Scape. Honestly, I prefer their new office to the old one because of the damn location hahahaha.

The meeting was great, they were all very supportive of us but on the other hand, we were told to prepare for a few upcoming projects. Argh. We are racing with time.

Apparently, I will be handling my third fc (Oh my god). I can't imagine this. Life = Intoshicated + Maximisers + Charliefc. It just gets tougher but I will endure. :')

Bumped into Joshua and we got to know that the boys will also drop by the office around evening so we decided to lepakz and wait. Chatted with Joshua before he went out for his belated x'mas shopping spree alone. We bumped into him again when he returned, then we chatted a little again. He was so sweet to Kexin that he bought a bottle of sticky sweets for her!

After we told him that it was really unfair because we don't have any x'mas gifts from him, he went out again and bought us this......he told us to share. HAHAHAHA. Thanks, Joshua.

This OCK fishballs were bought by Noah yap. :') after he heard that we didn't eat anything. Thanks, Noah.

Interesting encounter with our new boss, Charlie Goh. Hahahahaha. Trust me, he is a really nice and friendly guy. Follow him on twitter if you are reading this. @charliegoh :')

When he walked in to the office, he saw us but he asked Kaixuan loudly "Who are they?" We were shocked and find it kinda........... um rude? But afterthat, Rena went to tell him about it and asked him to come out to meet us. She introduced us to him and told him that we are his 4 admins. :P He shooked hands with us and initiated to follow us on twitter omg wheeee. He also apologized for his reaction earlier on. He is just very nice, I don't know how to describe hahaha.

 And we also met Luke officially LOL. He came up to us and initiated to follow us on twitter out of the blue by passing us his phone to type our usernames LOL. Then he requested for us to take photo LOL. I don't know why I find these really.............funny. Sorry hahahhaha. Sihui requested him to do the "bo ding hwa juk" part HAHAHAHAHA damn funny.

While we were waiting for the boys, Q received a call from Rena saying that she won the date with Weiliang OMG OMG OMG OMG. She was over the moon :P But hehe I was proud of myself because the comment was from ME. hahahahaha.

I received a call from clover films around 8 plus just right after I was told that Tosh was already inside the office and yet I missed the chance to see him because we accompanied Sihui down to buy Macs. Argh. OK but the main thing was the damn call I recieved. OMG. I cried so badly on the spot despite being so cui and shagged. Guess what? Suddenly...Tosh, Weiliang and Ridhwan came out to meet us. I was so paiseh to see Tosh that I kept hiding my face and eyes from him. Weiliang took a chair and sat beside me while Tosh was standing behind me and weiliang. Q told Tosh that I will be his date and I cried when I recieved the news. ARGH SO EMBARRASSING OMG.

Oh well, he didn't seem to be very shocked or happy, at least that was what I felt on that day.
Unbelievably, miracle actually happen. Apparently, good things do exist in my life.

Went to work from 12-5pm before I met up with Q and S to cab down to Katong 112 for the date. Make up on the cab and changed into my abtm Intoshicated tee. First thing first, we went to meet with Kris (Maxi's gf) before heading up to GV restaurant (I don't know what to call that place hahaha) She is really pretty and friendly.

Surprisingly, she told us that her date for the night was Aiz hahahaha. All because of Maxi.  He went to comment on the video and.... yup hahaha. When we were about to take the escalator up to the restaurant, we bumped into Weiliang and Maxi. And fuck. Through the glass doors, we all saw the casts seated at one corner waiting already. That was when I started to feel nervous and my legs were jelly-liked, my fingers were cold omg you can't imagine that. That was totally crazy.

We went in around 6:45pm because Maxi's date was MIA. They got a substitute for Maxi in the very last minute. The boys were seated : Weiliang -> Maxi -> Noah -> Joshua -> Tosh -> Aiz -> Ridhwan.

The moment I went in and stood right before Tosh, I was like... omgomg woah so awkward so paiseh omgomgomg. He laughed and stood up to shake hands with me HAHAHA even more awkward. He then presented a surprise x'mas card to me omg and it was in red! :P

Tosh: "Oh ya! This is for you!''
Me: "Huh oh my god. Woah first time leh!"


Me: "I read now ah?"
Tosh: "Ah.. don't read now!"
*Everyone started reading theirs*
Tosh: "Ah.. ok la ok la."
Me: "It's ok, I will read it at home :') "
Tosh: (Big smile) "OK OK!"

He started asking me truckloads of questions. Some weird, some strange, some shocking, some..... expected, but all touching :') To be honest, everything he said last night was really touching and beyond what I expected. Till now then I know, he actually knows a lot of things and he somehow somewhat observed us.

Never in my life, I ever thought that I could dine with my idol, date with my idol, talk to my idol so comfortably and freely. I have never had an idol that nags at me from time to time, concerning me, lecture me, caare for me, think for me and even write me a damn fucking card (it's like.. omg what have I done to derserve all these? Well....I have to admit that having fangirl luck is just way too awesome. Thank God for everything. :P

That one hour was short but I was contented. I really enjoyed myself and I was really glad that he was the one who kept finding topics to talk to me about because I was totally mind-blanked and loss for words. Thank you, Tosh <3

Look at the background HAHAHA

Group photo towards the end...


It is gonna be a very long grandmother story if I were to type out what exactly happened during the one hour. So I shall keep everything inside my heart and memory :') Hehehehehe.

After the entire so-called date, we walked out of the shopping mall with the boys. Thankfully, I got another two photos with him for the night whoooots *happygirl91*

Q was the one who asked him to take photo with me.

Q: "Tosh, laojie wanna take photo with you!"
Tosh: "HAHAHA you all call her laojie, macham mafia like that!"

Photo #1 - A strand of my fringe was cui and it was covering my face if you actually zoom into it and see HAHAHA. I was like "AHHHH NO STOP. Take again!" right infront of him HAHAHA. My image................g o n e.

Photo #2 - He did not smile....................already argh :'( According to Q, that was called acting cool. :p

One of the most memorable day of my life. Thank you, TZZY <3

Sunday, 23 December 2012

231212 ; KSL City

231212 is really a day to remember <3

Met up with Esther, Kexin, Queenie, Sihui at CCK early in the morning to prepare the boards and gifts for the boys. Unfortunately, Kexin couldn't join us to JB so she only did the fanboard for Joshua for us to bring it over for Joshua.

We headed to KSL city around 3 plus in the noon. Wow it was really crazy and such a hassle to go through the customs by foot. I think I'm already so used to going to Malaysia by car, sigh everything was so comfortable and easy. With 10 Ringgit, we cabbed to the mall and waited at after having lunch at KFC which was awful. The menu is totally different from what we have here in Singapore, the plate is oily, the restuarant is warm, the chicken is not nice blah blah blah.

More photos but all in their phones (sobs). Maybe I shall get from them and post it up here!
While waiting, I suddenly spotted Tosh and the boys walking up the escalator right in front of wtf Tosh was looking at my direction but thank God he didn't saw me. If not, plan fail immediately hahahahaha phew!

With the help and support of Jteam, Rena and Kaixuan who helped us make the arrangement to make our surprise for the boys possible. We managed to present the gifts and tee-shirt up on stage. The boys were so surprised that all their emotions were written all over their faces. I presented the gift to Director Jack then gave Tosh his bag of gift :') He was really thankful and happy to see us. I think last night was the first time I talked to him that much and I felt so comfortable (I don't know why).

The boys gave us attention while they were singing Recruit's anthem, especially Joshua. Honestly, I totally changed my impression of him after last night. They actually gave out posters to the audience and we asked Joshua to give us then he took some from Tosh and gave us :') Autograph session after that as well. Wow really impressed by the diifferent the way they held the meet and greet in Singapore and Malaysia. We were the last few that went up and get the autographs. While waiting, I asked Joshua to pose for Kexin, and he was really steady la. :') 

I felt we were so high and so AA because we were singing with the mics and Kaixuan was like video-ing us omg wtf hahahaha. The busy boys were signing the posters but they looked at us and smile from time to time, even Director Jack also. We can see that they were really happy about it. In my whole life, I always see the fanclub admins going up on stage to present to their idols gifts or cakes but I only have the fate to stand below and watch and envy them. Finally... my dream came true. Thanks Jteam. I guess like what Rena said, this is really the best X'mas present I received.

After the event when they were about to leave the mall.. We got the chance and permission from Jteam to have the boys wearing the tee and take photos with us <3

with the emcee

with my boss <3

Upon our request, we were shocked and thankful that he was willing to do the ultratosh pose for us.
And hahaha I madde him stay in that pose for very long because my camera sot. HAHAHAHAHA. He looked like an idiot whahahahaha no jk. :p

Ultra tosh <3

with Esther

Intoshicated family is completed

The best part of the day was that he automatically hugged the both of us <3 OMG that was my fucking first hug I get from him after so many events, like seriously. I was really shocked and happy. He also gave me an individual hug after that and (insert info) which I don't know if it was true.

Here's our convo.

Me: So did you saw us just now?
Tosh: Yes yes
Me: Um no, I mean earlier on.
Tosh: Oh you mean earlier on? um nope.
Me: So you didn't spot us before we went up to stage la?
Tosh: No, but I heard you guys are coming to support us.
Me: *SHOCKED* Huh?! Who told you? How you know?!
Tosh: I heard from Jack. But we only know you guys will be going to support us but we don't know about the surprise.
Me: Huh..... this was meant to be a surprise.

Then he just smiled and said thank you. :')

And this made me tear up so badly this morning I got from Esther.
Thank you for everything, Mr Tosh Rock. <3

Monday, 17 December 2012

Ah boys back in Singapore

Met up with Queenie and Kexin at Plaza Sing after I met up with my exo photocard buyer at Cityhall. Yay haha earned $20 quick cash. We bumped into Liangting at LJS lol such a coinicidence. So we waited for Hazel and Jo to join us for Ah boys to men (haha yes this is my 6th time, I supposed?) Unfortunately when Jo came, the tickets are OOS. Honestly, we are the nosiest bunch of people whom you wouldn't want to bump into in the theaters while watching abtm. HAHAHA It's like no matter how many times we watch the movie, every part is still so effing funny and nice. Well, we tend to watch the movie to relief stress, it works at least for us idk. I really cannot imagine how would life be like when they stop screening the movie. After the movie, we grabbed herbal teas as usual for the boys, this time we bought for Kaixuan and Jack Neo too.

Set off to the airport by bus, argh it was a long ass ride. However, we didn't waste a single minute, we did research of the flights via iChangi because everything was uncertain.

Fuck our life. We were like a bunch of poor kids without much cash with us yet wanna camp and welcome the boys back. Unfortunately yet at the same time thankfully that we actually got the flight details. Sad because it was a 12:05 returned flight and somehow it got delayed for an hour. Happy because we didn't have to run about between terminals like mad dogs to guess their flight. While waiting, we wrote cards and stuffs. Trust me, everyone was totally exhausted inside out.

My mom called me and gave me a dressing down. The rest of the girls get that from their side too. Hazel cried badly. We were so lost that we didn't know what to do to make her feel better. It was really terrible. T1 Belt 19 they came out at 1:35am............ fuck our life. I spotted Tosh's mom and his gf (no, they sat right infront of us). I was like oh shit. Can I find a hole to hide lol? I just felt awkward because I don't know why yup.

Finally after a whole long wait, the boys came out and saw us.

Welcome back to Singapore, Ah boys :')

Tosh smiled when he saw me i don't know why. I mean that smile is....I don't know how to explain haha.
Jack Neo thanked us for coming down and they actually bought us some food from KL/PEN for us to share. But who has got the time to care about food I went up to Tosh.

I was like "Tosh." Then I passed him the bag of herbal tea + my card + TNP (which he was waiting for sooo long before it could reach his hands hahaha) He said 謝謝, 謝謝你 with a big smile. :')  Enough for me to make me feel that my trip was worthwhile. I didn't dare to talk to him that much because yup you know the gf was waiting. But he was really cute and sweet that before he left, he actually gave all of the boys and us a "BRO-FIST". I was standing at the back so that made me the last. BEST PART was.. all of them fucking saw his face and expression when he gave me the "bro-fist" OH MY FUCKING GOD. Ahjdkadjhsjdshashhdjadjsak.

(I am not exaggerating, not lying and not making up stories) because I have all the girls as witness HAHAHAHAHAHA. :')

He gave all the rest the "bro-fist" in his straight face but when it reached me, he GAVE ME A BIG FUCKING WIDE SMILE and it definitely meant so much more like what he always say. FUCK MY AWESOME LIFE Aajsdhasjhdjashda. I can never forget that smile. I can't believe it seriously.
Everyone was like screaming "Oh my god 他對你笑咧!!!!" Awww hehehe. Queenie was like: "Wah lao,他今天一直對你笑咧! 而且剛才他只對你笑而已咯!!" Suddenly all my tiredness has gone away.

Cabbed home with Queenie together with the other boys (as in we queued for the cab together). Fuck my life the cab fare was $50 and I was left with coins wtf. I tweeted him and slept after he replied me hehehehe :')